Cherry art

I played around in photoshop a bit, to show you what the main characters of Cherry Stem look like in my head. I won’t be able to use these pics, of course, since they’re originally of real people–who got paid for them–but wanted to give you a taste.…Cherry (the vampire)

000wx400… Alex (the cop)

000wyzqx… Constantine (the ex)

Also, thanks to Mamouli‘s comment, there’s now a link to the right of this page where you can buy Passionate, or get a free sample.

(See? Told you I get more coherent later in the morning… I think)



2 thoughts on “Cherry art”

  1. Κοίταξε να δεις,

    με αυτούς τους “συμπρωταγωνιστές”, μπορώ να σου στείλω μία φώτο δικιά μου, να γίνω εγώ η leading lady?

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