Book Spotlight – Protector (Children of Ossiria #1) by Vivian Lane

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Title: Protector (Children of Ossiria #1)
Author: Vivian Lane
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Book Blurb:

First in a new series!

Carys Taylor has her life perfectly under control. Equipped with a nice inheritance, she goes where she wants, when she wants, pursuing anything that interests her. So when her old professor asks her to come on a research trip for his thesis, she’s eager to tag along.

Until that ill-fated trip to the South American jungle changes her into a supernatural being. Now she’s sprouting claws and stronger and faster than any human being in existence. The reclusive tribe calls her their Protector – but from what? And why now? Why her?

Carys is pulled into a world she never knew existed. Is she up to the task?

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Author Biography:

Writer of supernatural badasses.

Vivian Lane is an American author.  Born a Gemini, her interests fall under a myriad of subjects including classical music, American and World History; fantasy books, TV shows, and movies; travel, marine biology, and fashion.


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A month later, it was my first day out doing something normal—shopping at the mall.  Up to now, I’d avoided crowds, doing my grocery shopping when the stores were almost deserted.  Walking to my car in the parking garage, my hands were full of bags, and a man walked behind me.  At first, I didn’t think of hearing someone behind me, until his footsteps sped up to get close to me.  He demanded my purse.  I was willing to cooperate since I didn’t want to provoke him.  Better my stuff than my life, right?  That’s what the police tell you to do.  So, I set down the bags, and the guy lunged for my purse.

I can’t tell you how I did what happened next.

Next thing I knew, I had the guy in a choke hold with claws pressed to his neck.  Claws!  The guy started freaking out, then, begging me not to hurt him.  I tightened the hold until he blacked out, then called 911 on my cell phone.  The police arrived, took my statement and the mugger, and I went home.


My fingernails turned into claws.  That was NOT normal.  Both hands?  I stared at my left.  Yep, both hands.  Oh God.

And then the fight moves.  What was that?  This wasn’t The Matrix.  I hadn’t been plugged into a machine for a kung fu download.  Had I?  What really happened in that village?

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