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I was tagged for this blog post by the wonderful Molly Ann Wishlade.

Thank you!

What are you working on right now?
Several things, really. My list of WIPs is loooong and unyielding, so I’ll just tell you about the one on top of that list. It’s a PNR/UF called Cherry Blossom. It’s the sequel to Cherry Stem, and it’s been driving me crazy for a while now.

How does it differ from other works in its genre?
I’m not sure, really. The first in the series was different because the heroine was a vampire and the hero a human, which is the opposite of most genre stories I’ve read. This one…this one focuses more on relationships. I try to keep my characters human to a point, despite their undead status, and that means flawed people, making mistakes and having to deal with them.

Why do you write what you do?
Because I can’t not write it. I love making up stories, building characters and fleshing them out to the point they feel real to me. I believe in true love, and I know people have issues, so I combine the two in my stories, whether they include supernatural elements or not. I particularly like writing my ladies reluctant to fall in love–why should it always be the men who are afraid of commitment? Why should women be programmed to want more out of a casual relationship?

I’ve found readers aren’t always sympathetic to stubborn women who don’t swoon at the first hint of a smile from the dashing leading man, but some are, and they make it all worthwhile.

How does your writing process work?
I jot down ideas at all times. I have a folder in my Dropbox, so it can be accessible from my PC/Laptop/iPhone/whatever I may be on at the time, and I save ideas there for further exploration. When an idea keeps nagging at me for several days in a row, I decide on an ending (can’t start something if I don’t know how it ends), then outline it. I come back and flesh out the outline until it’s a complete story, and then start working on each chapter.

I’m not sure it’s the most productive way, but it works for me 🙂

And now *drumroll*

I’d like to tag Sofia Grey, Allyson LindtCarla Krae, and Jolynn Raymond.

You’re on, ladies!

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  1. “I've found readers aren't always sympathetic to stubborn women who don't swoon at the first hint of a smile from the dashing leading man, but some are, and they make it all worthwhile.”


  2. Thank you for tagging me. My books are pretty unconventional when it comes to romance. Think of a path littered with thorns instead of rose petals but they will take you on a wild ride.

    I love your comment under why do you write. “Because I can't not write.” How very true!

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