Away for a few days

21489404_sTomorrow’s my father’s 60th birthday. To celebrate it, the entire family and lots of friends are going to gather at my folks’ summer place for a huge ass barbecue.

Since Tuesday is a big holiday in Greece, I decided to also take Monday off and spend a total of four days at said summer place. We finally got an Internet connection there, but I doubt I’ll be on-line much before Wednesday. I’ll still be checking my email, so feel free to write or leave a comment on this entry, if you want to get in touch.

Oh, and I’ll be sorting out the last giveaway winner before I go.

Have a great weekend!


PS. I’ll be making these. Don’t hate me.

PS2. There will still be a post on Monday, because this is how I roll šŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Away for a few days”

  1. Have a wonderful visit. Nothing is more important than family time! Felicitations to your father šŸ™‚

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