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I’ve been quiet like a mouse

Well, not really, but I haven’t been around much, and it’s not all due to writing.   The day job has been hectic, since the current situation in Greece has made us look for options in exports, and that’s meant major redesign of our products, along with all the paperwork that magically can only be Read More

Hopes and fears—aka NOT a book related post

This Friday, I’m flying to London. No husband. No kid. No dogs. Just six days of girly fun, theater, running around, and lots of eating.   I’ll have a chance to unload, recharge my batteries, and take a breath from all the stress 2014 had to offer. I haven’t had a proper vacation in a Read More

Vacay time!

I’ll be away from the 07th to the 25th of June.  A couple of entries are set to auto-post here in my absence, but I’ll more or less have no internet access. Have fun, and remember to fall in love with a book this June! Image copyright © Jocic | Read More