Fated Lovers
Contemporary Romance with Magical Elements

Lexi Adams suffers from extreme job dissatisfaction. The only things she finds challenging are the sexy IT guy and the on-line erotic romance novel she discovers, starring her spitting image. Unfortunately, the man is insufferable, and the novel only accessible at work.

Ric Ackart, head of the IT department, is aware Lexi’s workload doesn’t meet her potential. His surprise when he discovers what she’s reading is compounded by the fact that the novel’s leading man shares his face and the name he left behind when he moved to the States.

The mysterious book gives the two an excuse to give in to their explosive chemistry, but it takes a good friend, an ancient deity, and a touch of magic, to accept the gift fate has thrown their way. (Previously Love or Magic – Book 1)

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Mike has always been upfront about not looking for a relationship, but he can’t get enough of the gorgeous woman who storms in and out of his nights without giving him her number or asking for his.

Sixteen years in the future, Bella is picking up the pieces of her life. Moving on from her failed marriage would be much easier if she’d stop dreaming of the past every night. But are they dreams, when she wakes up sated and exhausted, or is she falling in love again with the man who broke her heart?

And if she can visit the past, can she change it?

NOTE: Early on, there’s mention of a betrayal that has no place in a romance. Please trust my HEA-loving heart and my hero. Things aren’t always what they seem to be, especially when ancient deities and their games are involved.

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Crossover novelette between the Fated Lovers and
Unlikely Lovers series.

Alice is spending the holidays with her best friend’s cat, while everyone she knows is out partying. To add to the fun, a huge stray dog just made a mess of her parents’ living room, and her dreams are haunted by the sexy stranger she slept with almost six months ago.

Quinn thinks he wasn’t always a dog. He can’t be certain, because the killer migraines kick in. His collar reads Prince Charming, and he may turn out to be just that, if only he manages to remember that one important thing in time for… What?

All Quinn’s sure of is he knows Alice. All Alice needs to do is believe in magic.

And they’re both running out of time.

Note: This is a short companion novella to The Tenant.

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