Photo 21-6-14 - 19 24 43First and foremost, I hate mornings.

Also, I write.

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e-CoverWith her murderous maker still on the run, Cherry has enough on her mind even before her newly turned boyfriend, Alex, demands they meet each other’s parents. Constantine, her ex and now member of the vampire council, is suspiciously quick to allow this breach of vampire law. It soon becomes clear there’s a lot Cherry doesn’t know about her family’s past.

And it’s threatening her present and her future.

Alex is changing, Ádísa is dead but not as gone as she should be, and feelings forced aside are reconsidered. Back in her hometown, and faced with an overabundance of new information, Cherry is determined to fight for herself, her family, and her man.

That’s when her world is turned upside down.


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