Chapter Eleven



Hermes’ chest is hard under my cheek, his heartbeat steady. I can’t sleep with an analog clock or even a watch in the room, and yet the rhythmic thudding makes me want to stay here forever.

What time is it?

If I get up, this ends, but I didn’t come to Paros for cuddles.

The fluttering in my chest ceases, as my good mood plummets. Last night was incredible, but it’s over. The sun is making its way in through the shutters, heralding a new day. One I can’t waste by staying in bed, half on top of this gorgeous sex god.

He stirs, long eyelashes fluttering on his cheeks. The stubble makes him look dangerous.

Pfft. Like I wasn’t in enough danger of falling for him when he was clean shaven.

Am I too old to pout and sulk? ’Cause I do both as I push up from his body.

His arm snakes around my waist, and he anchors me in place, his cock hardening where it presses into my thigh. “Where are you going?”

God, morning-Hermes is even sexier than night-Hermes, if that’s even possible. His voice is gruff with sleep, and he lets out a delicious purr when I let him pull me on top of him, so I’m straddling his hips. And of course, I’m so wet he has to feel it on his shaft.

Maybe I have time for a quickie? We’re obviously both ready.

My alarm bleeps like there’s no tomorrow, crashing through the lust-filled haze muddling my thoughts. “I need to get up.” Though I make no effort to do so.

“Mmm… Can’t we snooze for a half an hour?” Hermes tweaks one of my nipples, the thumb of his other hand drawing circles up my inner thigh.

His voice compounds the effect of his touch, making my head swim.

He lets go of my breast, to kill the buzzer of my alarm, and the spell is broken.

“No. I need… They’ll be expecting me for breakfast.” I get off him and down from the bed. With a few feet between us, I can think. Focus on getting dressed. My underwear is in my luggage—I never unpack in hotel drawers. Would bending over make my ass look big?

“I love your ass. It’s an objectively incredible ass.”

Hermes’ comment makes me snap my head back toward him. He’s sitting up, lazily tugging on his cock.

I want him in my mouth.

In my pussy.

In my ass, although nobody’s ever been there before.

I want him.

And for some unfathomable reason, that makes me furious.

“Are you just gonna sit there?” It comes out snappy. Good. Can’t he see I must get out of here now?

Why, though? I can skip breakfast. Nobody is really gonna look for me. Why do I need to get away from him?

Because there’s no risk of falling for him any longer. I have fallen, and it’s going to fucking hurt when I leave. Or worse, when he hits on someone else in a few hours, because last night meant nothing to him. It can’t have meant anything. He’s probably going through women like other men go through shirts.

“Well?” I plant my palms on my hips and tap my foot.

A slow smile stretches his kissable lips, fist still gliding smoothly up and down his cock. “Your breasts jiggle when you do that. They’re magnificent.”

“My—” Righteous indignation wars with female pride, and it’s a close match. Heat spreads up my cheeks. I squeeze my eyes shut and will myself to cool down. “You should go.”

Hermes shrugs and climbs from the bed, to prowl toward me. “I was thinking of waiting till everyone’s at breakfast, so nobody sees me leave your room in what I wore last night, but if you’re in a hurry…” His smile remains in place, but a hard edge lines his voice.

“No. No you’re right. Better wait. Sorry.”

He tilts his head, studying me through those eyelashes I pay good money on mascara to emulate. “For…?”

Being a bitch? Waking him up like this, instead of with the blow job he’s certainly gained? My mouth waters at the thought of taking him in my mouth, but I swallow and hold his gaze. “For hurrying you up and out. But you’re right. I’ll go, and you can leave in a few.” There. That sounded cool.

He nods and comes closer. I take a step back, but he keeps coming, so I keep backing up until I hit the desk. Flashes from what happened right here a few hours ago erupt in my head, making me impossibly hornier. If I hop up will he eat me out again? Fuck me?

I lick my lips, as he leans in. He’s going to kiss me, and I have stupid morning breath.

He doesn’t kiss me. He buries his face in my hair. Nuzzles my cheek. “I may not understand the reason, but I get that what happened between us freaked you out,” he whispers, his lips brushing the shell of my ear. “It freaked me out too, because I never knew I could desire someone as intently as I desire you. Only reason I’m letting you walk out that door is that you have work to do and I don’t want to mess that up. I am going to take you to lunch later, though, and we are going to talk about us, and we are going to fuck again. A lot.”

I catch myself nodding. It all sounds amazing, and I want to soak up every moment of his company.

Shouldn’t nod. Should get dressed and go. But when he pulls back and looks into my eyes, my traitorous fingers tangle themselves in his golden curls so I can offer him my lips.

He claims them—boy, does he—licking, sucking, and nibbling, until my pulse is hammering in my temples and I’m out of breath. When he steps away, I feel cold and lonely, even with only a few inches between us.

“I should get ready,” I mumble. Under his watchful gaze that tightens in my belly with a primal hunger, I make it to my suitcase and into my underwear this time. It’s a miracle I put them on the right way at first try. His presence fills the room and my thoughts. For once, I pray for a distraction.

My gaze falls on my laptop. On the floor. Beside the desk. “What the fuck? What happened?”

Hermes winces, the only time his self-satisfied expression falters. “You pushed it off, when I was—”

“I remember what you were doing.” It comes out shrill, as I reach for my computer. I flip open the lid and press the power button, but no lights come on. Was it charged last night? It was, wasn’t it? “Can’t believe you knew my laptop was wrecked, and you didn’t tell me. Were you worried you wouldn’t get to fuck me, if you did?”

I know I’m not being fair. Plus, now that he mentioned it, I remember pushing something that crashed to the floor. But if I tug on this thread of upset, I can unravel the feelings muddling my reason into scraps of memories that mean nothing. I can reduce him from a breathtaking man who rocked my world to a one-night stand who cares about nothing other than getting his dick wet.

The tightening at the corners of his eyes makes my stomach churn, but I don’t shut up. “You know I’m a writer. My book is in there. You saw the laptop falling, and you said nothing?”

Panic claws at my throat, but it has nothing to do with the laptop or my book. I save my manuscript on the cloud; nothing’s lost. Though I don’t love the idea of spending money on a new laptop. No, my panic is caused by the narrowing of Hermes’ eyes. He no longer sees the fun lay he’d like to do again. He sees a bitch. Bet he can’t wait to get away.

He folds his arms over his chest and shakes his head. “I said nothing because I planned on getting it fixed by the time you were back from breakfast. There was no reason to worry you, when I knew my brother could make it good as new within minutes.”

“Minutes?” I arch an eyebrow, anger already evaporating. “You’re grasping at straws. This thing won’t even switch on.” I shake it in the air with both hands, half-expecting to hear parts clattering around inside.

Hermes chuckles. “You don’t know my brother. He can fix anything.” He sighs. Drops his shoulders. “There’s something I need to tell you. Should have done so last night, but… Yeah, I was thinking of sex. With you. Because I can’t get enough of you.”

I will not allow his sweet-talking to melt my defenses. I rub my temples and drop my gaze to his beautiful, large feet. “Something worse than the fact that my laptop’s broken?” Please don’t say the line about not needing a condom was a lie.

“No, that was the truth,” he says. “The scary thing is that I can hear your thoughts, and I think you can hear mine too.”

What on earth…? He’s crazy.

Shit. Of course he’s crazy. He’s hot, super rich, and a generous lover. Something had to be irrevocably wrong.

Maybe he’s not rich, either. Not that I care, but if he thinks he can hear my thoughts, maybe he thinks he has millions stashed under his mattress or something.

“I’m filthy rich,” he says. “And not even a little bit crazy, except when it comes to you.”

He marches to me, grabs my arms and says, “Look at me.” Only he doesn’t say it; he thinks it. I can tell without looking at his mouth. The quality of his voice is different. More intimate. Lacks an echo.

 This isn’t possible. I’m still asleep.

I drag my gaze up his sculpted stomach and to his painfully beautiful face.

With the scruff and his eyes blazing, he seems dangerous. Scary. “You have nothing to fear from me. I will make sure you have everything you desire in life, and I will keep you happy for eternity.”

I watch his lips move, and I try to make sense of the words. Happy for eternity? Is he planning on killing me?

His laugh is jolly and soothes my frayed nerves. “The opposite, my love. I plan on keeping you alive forever,” he says.

I swallow hard. Need to get away from this crazy man who even now has my pussy clenching and dripping for him. He skates one palm higher, caresses my neck with his thumb, and a shiver of desire straightens my spine and has my breasts pushing out. This isn’t right. I should be revolted. Should be running for my life.

Definitely shouldn’t be moaning and arching my neck to him.

Neck. He liked biting my neck. And last night, he was waiting for me to invite him in.

Hermes chuckles again. “I’m not a creature of the night, sweet Joy. I’m an Olympian god. I’ve been reborn many times, only to grow old and pass away as a human, because the time wasn’t ripe for my brothers and me to reclaim our place as rulers of this world.”

“No,” I say.

“What do you mean, no?” His perplexed look makes it hard not to laugh, but that would encourage him.

“No, I’m not listening to this.” Or to my body that wants to melt into his arms. “No, you don’t get to tell me more crazy stories. I’m out of here, and you will be too in a few, and after that, we can pretend last night never happ—”

He crashes my body to his and rudely interrupts my tirade with his lips. I focus on not opening up for him, but his tongue is insistent, and I remember how good it can make me feel, so I yield despite my better judgment. I suck on it as it maps my mouth, and his hands close over my buttocks so he can rub his hard cock into my stomach.

Like last night, that’s not all he does. He’s in me, while he’s pressing against me. His fingers tweak my nipples, though they’re digging into my ass cheeks. His mouth is on my pussy, drawing the freaking alphabet and making my legs weak.

How is he doing this?

“Told you how,” he thinks at me. “Our connection is stronger when you’re aroused.”

Which is near constantly when he’s around.

God, he feels good. Tastes good.

But he’s dangerous, and that’s if what he said isn’t true. If it is…

Not going there.

With willpower I didn’t know I possessed, I plant my hands on his hard pecs and push away. It takes a couple tries, but he lets go.

I can’t do this. I don’t know if the words make it out of my mouth, but I know he hears them, by the line furrowing his brow. “I have to go,” I add aloud.

And he lets me.


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