Chapter Twelve


What am I doing? 

If he… If we do this—if we have sex—I won’t be a Valkyrie anymore. Won’t be immortal. That’s too great a sacrifice for me to make, for a fleeting taste of pleasure.

But he said he’ll hold back, and I trust him.

Men will say whatever it takes, to bed you. 

Brynhildr’s words blare in my head, but Ares’ eyes are so very green. And he promised. He just wants to make me feel good. Freya, the lift of his mouth says he can honor that promise in ways I can’t begin to imagine. 

So when he tugs me closer, I let him. And when he asks me to straddle his thighs, I do.

His cock is trapped between us, hard and pulsating against my belly. I can feel his heat as if his trousers weren’t on. I hold his gaze, expecting him to kiss me, but he’s studying my face. 

“You’re impossibly beautiful,” he says, “and I’m an idiot for not looking for you sooner.”

Huh? “I came to you,” I mutter.

He shakes his head, running the fingers of both hands through my curls. “So much time wasted. I’ll make every second up to you, my little Valkyrie.”

Even as desire liquefies my insides, his phrasing annoys me. “I’m not your little anything.” My voice cracks and crumbles, belying my words.

“Oh, but you want to be.” He swallows my squeak of a protest, twisting one fist in my hair to lock me in place while his other hand roams my body, setting my skin on fire.

His calloused palm grazes up my left thigh and over my buttock. He continues its path up my side, thumb trailing across my ribs until it reaches the underside of my breast. I expect him to paw at me clumsily—maybe squeeze it, like I’ve seen mortals do to their women—but he hefts it in his palm like he wants to memorize its weight. And all the time, his tongue maps my mouth. 

I suck on his tongue and flick mine across it, and he growls into the kiss. 

He pulls on my hair harshly, breaking our kiss and arching my neck backward. It stings, but that only intensifies the pleasure of his mouth trailing wet kisses down my throat. As he moves lower, he tilts me backward.

I tangle my hands in his hair, to steady myself, as his stubble rasps against my chest, making me shiver.

How can such simple contact make my blood race?

 My nipples, already hardened into peaks, ache with the need to… I don’t know what they need. Don’t know what I need.

Ares knows, though. He lifts my breast to his mouth and sucks on the nipple, and the jolt rushing to my core is more electrifying than Thor’s lightning. Every pull of Ares’ mouth travels straight to my pussy, and I find myself pumping my hips to the rhythm he sets. He slips his other hand around my thigh, and his fingertips slide between my labia. 

I freeze. Can he take away my virginity with his fingers? Maybe I should tell him what’s at stake. Instead, I sputter, “You said you wouldn’t—”

“Don’t worry. I won’t.” He grazes my nipple with his teeth, as his fingers nudge my clitoris. 

know how to pleasure myself, and it takes more than a jævlig nudging, but his fingers are obviously magic. He circles my clit time and again, and I’m humping his hand like a dog in heat. It’s not enough friction to send me over the edge, but it keeps me hovering at the precipice. My hips are rocking of their own accord.

And that’s not a finger between my legs. 

His cock is out. How how how did he get his trousers out of the way without my feeling it?

Who cares? It’s thick and hard and veiny, and I want it there, trapped between my nether lips, rubbing against my clit forever.

His lips travel a path to my right breast, and he moves his hand higher, to my second hole. I clench, expecting an unwelcome invasion, but he just massages around it with his fingertips, hips rolling into me.

It’d be so easy to rise to my knees and impale myself on him. So easy to forget everything and get lost in his touch and his cock and his mouth on my breast.

On my breasts. Both of them. How…?

I don’t know when I closed my eyes, but I open them and look down at him, with his mouth on my left breast, even as I feel his teeth worry my right nipple. What’s happening?

“What are you doing?” I pull on his long, midnight-black tresses.

He releases my nipple with a plop, but ghost lips still suck on my other breast. “Don’t you like it?” The tip of his finger inches inside my asshole, and he pumps his hips, to bump my clit.

“But how—?”

Not allowing me time to finish my question, he stands, turns, and lays me on the bed.

I’m naked, legs spread, my pussy open to his hungry gaze. My sword is out of reach for the first time since I remember myself. If he does decide to go ahead and take me, can I stop him?

He curves his palm around his cock and drags his fist to the tip and back, allowing me a perfect view of his size—he’s so big—and the pearly drop forming at its slit. I know what that is, too. I’ve read about it, and I want it in my mouth. Want him in my mouth. Never understood the appeal the act held for romantic heroines, but seeing his shaft slick, and his tip shiny with my juices, I get it.

“Not tonight,” Ares says, as if he read my thoughts. “Tonight, I feast on you.”

If possible, my cheeks burn even hotter. “Feast?” I squeak.

He nods solemnly and drops to his knees between my legs. His gaze crawls up my body like a caress, until it meets mine. “I’ve wanted a lot of things in my life. Acceptance. Power. My rightful place, on top of the world. For more than two decades, I’ve felt like life owed me a debt I couldn’t put into words.” He cups my calves and drags his palms up to the backs of my knees, massaging circles with his thumbs. “That debt is paid now, because I can’t imagine craving anything as intensely as I want you.” He presses a kiss low on my inner thigh.

I try not to listen to his words, because they make me think, and if I think too much, I’ll either get up and run from the hunger he awakens in me, or throw myself at him.

“Do you want me?” he asks.

“Mmm…” Sounds better than a yes that will cost me eternity, or a no that will take away his touch.

He gives my thigh a playful bite and asks, “Do you want me here?” He can’t possibly be asking like this, with my flesh between his teeth, but he does. Same way he had his mouth on both of my breasts before. And I have to tell myself that he’s a god and can do godly things even before his ascension—like I tell myself that, when he said he couldn’t crave anything as much as he does me, he didn’t mean he sees me as a thing to possess. Like I tell myself I’d stop him if I thought that was what he meant.

I moan when he nibbles a line halfway to my pussy. 

“Or maybe here?” he asks.

Higher. I need him higher. Need his kisses and those devilish teeth on my cunt.

His chuckle buzzes through me. “My impatient little Valkyrie,” he says, without speaking. He’s in my head.

“You can hear what I’m thinking, can’t you?” I think at him. It doesn’t scare me like it should.

“Only when you’re this hot for me,” he replies the same way.

So… always.

He chuckles, because he heard that too. Fuck

“Not tonight.” His whisper caresses my thoughts.

“Not ever,” I say aloud, with much less conviction than I should.

I’d repeat it, but his mouth is finally where I ache for it the most. He swipes his tongue between my labia and taps it on my clit, and all rational thought is lost in a cloud of pure carnal desire.

Ares spreads me with his thumbs and uses his lips, teeth, and tongue to make me moan and squirm. He nibbles and licks. Sucks on my clitoris. Presses his teeth on either side of it, just this side of pain.

Please,” I half-say, half-whimper. “I need to come.”

“Nope,” he thinks at me as he drapes both of my legs over his shoulders. 

I’m riding his face harder than I’ve ridden Hulda to Midgard, his hair tickling my thighs and adding another layer to the tangle of sensation swirling in my belly, but every time I’m almost there, he stills.

I glare at the top of his head, and he laughs. He knows exactly what he’s doing to me.

I grasp a fistful of his hair and keep him in place. Digging my heels into his shoulders gives me leverage to grind my pussy into his face. His stubble scratches me, but that only amplifies the pleasure of his lips on my clit.

He presses his thumb to my entrance, and I buck. “No,” I say on a breath. I yearn for what he offers, but I won’t sacrifice all I am for a stranger, even if he’s a god—in bed and outside of it.

He stops torturing me long enough to look up at me. “I won’t go too far.”

I shake my head. Won’t risk it.

He buries his face between my legs again and flattens his tongue on me, as he coats a finger in my juices and glides it to my ass. “Then let me do this,” he says in my head. “I promise to make it good.” 

Do what?

He sucks hard on my clit, and I forget all about his finger pressing into my asshole until it’s wedging its way inside me. I begin to clench, but he drives forward slowly until it’s all the way inside. It feels deliciously wrong, pumping in and out of me. Naughty. Forbidden. It also adds the extra push I need, to finally fall over the edge the next time Ares’ teeth graze my sensitive button.

My chest feels about to burst, and I suck in air that only serves to make my head lighter. My legs shake, and every muscle in my body spasms, as pleasure beyond any I’ve felt before sparks from his mouth straight to my core. I let my eyes slide shut, while ecstasy unfurls inside my belly in electric waves that have me writhing and thrashing on the mattress.

Ares doesn’t let go, sucking on me and sliding his wicked finger inside me, until the pleasure threatening to unravel me ebbs.

“Good, huh?” Even his mental voice sounds smug.

I nod, because I don’t want to tell him how good, and I’m too far gone in bliss to manage a snide remark or a lie. 

“You don’t have to say it. I know it was amazing. And you’re incredible.” He pulls me to sit up, and crushes his mouth to mine. Tasting myself on him makes my pussy tingle again.

thought I’d orgasmed before. I was wrong. This… I can see now why some of my sisters may choose to become mortal.

The thought pours iced water down my spine. Nothing, not even Ares, is worth giving up eternity.


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