The first draft of Cherry Pie is complete!

It still has to go through crits and editing, but once those are done too, the first Vampire Cherry trilogy will be over.

Cherry has done a lot of growing in the first two books, but the third one is all about choices and finding out who she really is and what she really wants her life to be. It closes a circle and puts things into perspective. And it was supposed to be the end.

But it’s not.

While there are no loose threads for Cherry by the time you reach The End, there are more stories to be told. They may not be her stories, but she’ll watch them unfold, and she’ll affect them. And I cannot wait to start writing them.

Cherry Pie will be out in eBook and paperback format on October 31st, and I’m hoping the audio book will be out in the first half of 2017.

Cherry Pie

Coming Halloween 2016

If Constantine is to be believed—which Alex insists he isn’t—Cherry can become human again. According to her ex, the prophecy that holds the cure calls for certain things she may not be ready for, though, and his suggestion for getting over a pesky clause complicates things further.

But Cherry won’t be dissuaded.

She has lost her career, her life, and both the men she’s loved, because others made her choices for her.

It’s time for that to stop.

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