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Book Spotlight – Protector (Children of Ossiria #1) by Vivian Lane

Title: Protector (Children of Ossiria #1) Author: Vivian Lane Genre: Urban Fantasy Book Blurb: First in a new series! Carys Taylor has her life perfectly under control. Equipped with a nice inheritance, she goes where she wants, when she wants, pursuing anything that interests her. So when her old professor asks her to come on Read More

Nothin’ but Trouble by Vivian Lane

Nothin’ But Trouble (Echoes of Ossiria #1) Publication date: Sept. 30, 2014 Genre: Contemporary paranormal fantasy Blurb: Trouble—that’s what Catherine was from the day William laid eyes on her. He didn’t get involved with clients, and after his sire broke his heart and abandoned him, women were of little interest beyond sating his occasional lust. Read More