There’s a girl–I just can’t call her a woman, she’s so young at twenty-something–who’s in the last stages of brain cancer.

I’ve never spoken to her, just was vaguely aware that she wrote for the same sites I do. Now she’s dying, and I answered a roll-call for people to finish a story she’d started. It’s round robin, and nobody knows where the story will end up. I decided to participate, because what happened to her is a horrible thing.

Then I started reading her LJ page, which her husband updates, as she’s lost most functions of her body, and her brain is usually muddled.

Other than often crying at the office over the news the man posts, and the love with which he surrounds her, I am constantly amazed at her and her family’s strength. That girl–that young woman–knows she’s dying, and yet she’s trying to not be a burden to anyone.

People that know her seem to think she’s an angel. I believe them.