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I have a weird respect for rules. Once a boundary is set, I keep clear of it. I don’t like messing with things I perceive as fixed…

Unless they make no sense to me.

Like, I’ll never run a stop sign. I’ll never cheat–I don’t judge those who do, but My Love and I came up with some mutually accepted rules when we decided to be together, and those made sense to me. I’ll never drive without my seat belt on or let anyone in my car not wear theirs. I’ll never walk my dogs without a leash.

But there’s a twinkle in my eye and a flutter in my stomach the moment I see a limit I can challenge. A rule that seems too arbitrary to be followed.

A chance for me to be naughty.

Like for example to climb up my parents’ wall-to-wall bookcase and sneak out a book called Story of O when I was only thirteen years old, because I thought their rule that I was only allowed to read the books I could reach was too random. I know now that wasn’t the case, but hey! I enjoyed being wrong.

I still feel a thrill every time I read a naughty book, even though My Love is more than fine with my choice of reading and writing material. I feel even more of a thrill when I write something that would make my mom blush, and I absolutely love telling her I’m working on a new book which she’s not allowed to read.

I had to repeat that warning several times this summer, while working on my upcoming novella, Passionate.

James Williams, happily married man and famous writer, has been harboring fantasies featuring his stepson’s girlfriend for a while.

Beth Knowles has been insanely attracted to her boyfriend’s stepfather since the first time she saw him. When the two finally give in to their forbidden passion, they expect it to be a one-time thing, no feelings involved. They’re wrong.

Through nine sexual encounters, develops a relationship that should never have existed.

NOTE: Passionate is the first book in my Erotica line, Lush. Despite the romantic elements, it is not really a romantic story. The main characters are not nice. They let their desires rule them. They cheat and lie and don’t really care about the feelings of others or the consequences, unless those directly affect them.

Passionate will be available for purchase on October 1st. 


“You didn’t get your beer.”

He could hear her coming closer. “Changed my fucking mind.”

“Mr. Williams?” she called out when he was half-way up the stairs.

With a sigh, he paused and glanced back at her. “What?”

She ran upward and stopped just one step below him. “Why don’t you like me?”

The question threw him, and he turned to face her.

“Why don’t you like me?” she asked again. “Everyone else does, but you’re always growly and rude and…why?”

She was giving him the puppy-eyed look, and he felt sick to his stomach by the things he wanted to do to someone so innocent. “You’re being silly.” He made to leave, but she grabbed his arm and climbed to the step next to him.

“What is it about me that pisses you off?” she asked, suddenly sounding older. “If you just give me a chance, I’m sure you’ll see I’m really a sweethea—”

“I don’t want to give you a chance.” His mouth was suddenly dry.

She narrowed her eyes, still not letting go of his arm. “Why?”

He couldn’t take it any longer. Couldn’t take her lips so close to his. Couldn’t stand how her fingers burned his skin, how he could see down her cleavage.

He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her harshly against him. “Liking you would end up with me balls-deep inside you, and you screaming my name,” he said in a rough whisper. “Is that what you want?”

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16 thoughts on “Naughty No-No’s Blog Hop!”

  1. Yeah, planning naughtiness can take the fun out of it. I should know; I'm generally a control freak 🙁 Sometimes, though, I force myself to do something impulsive, just to see if I can!

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment, even though this isn't your reading material of choice. So it's clear, I personally find cheating to be nothing more than lack of respect towards one's self as well as their partner. I could never cheat, and my hubby knows the repercussions if he does.

    That said, I get that people do it. And people fall in love or lust. And people are stupid. I love writing about stupid, messed up people 🙂

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