I’m still alive and kicking

I know, I know, another, “I’ve not been around because…” post. But I hate just going poof without you knowing I want to be online, I want to write and read, I want to chat.

RL just has a different view on things. Insert exasperated sigh.

One of my doggies–the big, black one that we suspect is part pony–had to have surgery in his shoulder for osteochondritis dissecans. Now I’m not the most reasonable, level headed person on a good day, but this pregnancy has made me worry about everything. The vet told us it’s a routine operation and that everything will be fine, but even now that Sparrow is home with us and healing nicely, I can’t help but worry. That means I’m watching him when I’m at home, making sure he doesn’t hurt himself, pop a stitch, or even scratch where he shouldn’t, and I can’t focus on writing, blogging, chatting, etc.

It sucks.

I did manage to do some writing, though. No, it wasn’t on any of my WIP’s–dontcha know I have three of those?–but on a new story. It’s a Christmas romance; the holiday time inspired me. Still, it’s way more likely to be done near next Christmas than this one.

I want to write more on Cherry Blossom, sequel to Cherry Stem, but I’m also itching to rewrite an older story of mine and hopefully make it publishable.

Which brings me back to Cherry Stem. The things I’ve learned about my writing since my editor first looked over the manuscript have blown my mind. Look at my mind! It is blown. There are things I’ve been doing wrong for so long, and wouldn’t have even begin to suspect they were wrong until she pointed them out.

On the downside, I now I can’t enjoy an audiobook without thinking, Hey! That’s phrased wrong! at some point, but who cares?

Anyway, Cherry Stem is now done with line editing and has an ISBN. Both those things make me bouncy, which offsets the negative oh-my-God-we’re-all-gonna-die-someday-and-it-may-be-soon thoughts my hormones are making me entertain on a daily basis.

And with that my ramblings are done for now.

Till next time,

2 thoughts on “I’m still alive and kicking”

  1. Poor little doggy… I am no dog (but a bitch 🙂 and osteochondritis dissecans is the underlying reason for all my knee problems… I definitely can relate.

  2. I seriously doubt your bitchiness, because you're sweet to me, but I'm really sorry for your osteochondritis dissecans problems. I saw how Sparrow's daily life was affected by pain, and hate to think of anyone going through that. We saw the vet yesterday afternoon, and he said Sparrow has healed nicely and can play…for the next twenty days, at least. Then he'll have to have the other leg operated on. 🙁

    Does the knee problem take surgery? I know it's really hard to do on dogs, but maybe humans, who are aware of their condition, have an easier/better recuperation?

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