General update

My arm
I’ve now been cast free for three weeks, but my wrist still hurts. Badly. It’s regained almost all of its flexibility, but yesterday I noticed fresh bruising around the wrist, and I somehow doubt that bodes well. Still, I refuse to go see the doctor. For my arm, at least. I have to see a couple other doctors this week, but I don’t think it’s something worrisome, so I’m not gonna go into detail.

As you can imagine, that’s an area that’s suffered some, due to the wrist problems. Still, Passionate is being relaunched on October 1st, and I’m sort of proud of how it turned out. I’m bummed out by Goodreads’ linking the upcoming version to the original one, which was published under my old pen name. I’ve done major editing and reworked parts of the story, and it sucks for it to be burdened by the ratings and review of the old one. And to have my two pen names officially linked (not that that’d be hard for anyone to do within minutes, but now it’s there. Meh.)

I’ve started yet another WIP, Contemporary Romance, and I’m thinking of keeping it mostly (maybe even entirely) sex-free. I think I need to cleanse my palate after Passionate. Heh.

This should clue you in to the current situation: I need to make it as a writer, because I’m suffocating.

Andrei is still looking for a job and coming up with ziltch. I’ve been undertaking side projects, but nothing major. I need to do something to change my life. Our life. Sigh.

Still my safe, happy bubble. I dread the day the world intrudes and ruins my happy place, but for now, I close our apartment door and lock the bad outside, and love every minute of it. Fingers crossed that never changes.

What I have for you
See that Naughty No-No’s blog hop button to your right? That’s coming up this week. We already have lots of awesome participants, and you’ll want to visit their blogs, ’cause they’ll have goodies for ya!

I’ll be giving out 2 e-copies of Passionate (the new and improved). Don’t forget to stop by and say hi!

That’s all for now.


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  1. Sweetie, tell them about your wrist when you go to the doctor's. That's not normal to have bruising and pain after a break, and this could turn into a longterm problem if something is noticeably wrong in there. It's easy for problems in arms to turn permanent.

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