I’ve tried to keep the rest of the site PG-13, but this page includes materials that are NOT meant for underage readers. Please read and adhere to the ratings.

August 27, 2013: Broom Closet Revisited 

If you haven’t read Magic at Work, this could be considered a SPOILER.

Two years after their first time in the broom closet, Lexi and Ric are out to create new memories. ADULTS ONLY

April 10, 2013: Sneak Peek – Exotic Beast by Xopi Chilli

Yup, it’s the book Lexi found on-line in Magic at Work. Click for the first scene (rough and unedited)

April 2, 2013: Sneak Peek – Unnamed Project

“Really? Her?” Colin cocked his head to the right and narrowed his eyes at the young woman across the street. Nope, even from this angle she looked a little too round for his tastes. Her dark hair a little too messy. Her brown eyes a little too plain. — (Click for the whole chapter.)

February 14, 2013: Meet Lexi/Xandra

This bit got chopped off in the editing of Magic at Work.

Meet Lexi, through the eyes of her best friend in the whole world (scene takes place before the book starts.)

January 27, 2013: Meet Ric/Rex

While editing Magic at Work, I had to take out bits and pieces I loved writing which however weren’t necessary for the plot or didn’t contribute to a tight narrative.

This is one of those pieces. It was meant to a part be our first glimpse into the hero’s psyche, and even though I decided it wasn’t needed after all, I thought you might want to check it out.