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The first draft of Cherry Pie is complete!

It still has to go through crits and editing, but once those are done too, the first Vampire Cherry trilogy will be over. Cherry has done a lot of growing in the first two books, but the third one is all about choices and finding out who she really is and what she really wants Read More

Cherry Pie news

Cherry Pie has a plot, a cover, and five chapters so far. After not working in the Vampire Cherry universe for this long, I didn’t expect to get back into it this easily, but Cherry, Constantine, and Alex are never far from my mind, it seems. This book is sure to piss some people off Read More

Book Spotlight – The Good Soldier by Jill Robi

*Read to the end for the giveaway!   Title: The Good Soldier Author: Jill Robi Release Date: January 15th, 2015 Genre: Urban fantasy/superhero romance Goodreads | Amazon (pre-order)   Blurb: The vigilante known as Valiant is putting a serious dent is Chicago business mogul Nic Sloane’s bottom line. But Nic may have found his answer Read More

It’s a wrap, and it’s not a romance #CherryBlossom

Last night a miracle happened. I actually finished Cherry Blossom. Yes, I wrote the words “The End” months ago, but 16,000 words have been added since. The story was complete before, but now it’s whole. This book scared me every step of the way. I kept worrying people will hate it; find the character development Read More

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (What? It’s still new!)

Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2014 has started off with a blast for you and showered you with health, happiness, inspiration, and love! My holidays consisted of almost overwhelmingly much family time, inordinate amounts of food, and lots of small yet heartfelt presies. Just as I needed them to. What I didn’t Read More