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September is here

I’m back at work and already missing the beach. This summer has been… different. I’ve been extremely busy writing- and editing-wise, but MyKid has been on vacation with my parents since July, so I’ve also had this weird sense of freedom. My husband and I have been acting like teenagers at home, eating junk food Read More

How much “will they-Won’t they” is too much?

I’ve been writing A Nereid for the Titan, and Pherusa and Prometheus are both super stubborn. He believes she betrayed him, and she’s sure he hates her, yet there’s this irresistible pull between them which makes them oscillate between almost and never. I, being an evil author, am of course loving the fuck out of Read More

A Nereid for the Titan – cover reveal and teaser!

To get the diet stuff out of the way, I’m 8 kilos down, but wasn’t very good with it the past couple weeks, so I’m now back on the wagon 😀 Aaaaand, now for the interesting stuff! I’m working on the first book in the TITANS series, A Nereid for the Titan, and I have Read More

Cherry Pie news

Cherry Pie has a plot, a cover, and five chapters so far. After not working in the Vampire Cherry universe for this long, I didn’t expect to get back into it this easily, but Cherry, Constantine, and Alex are never far from my mind, it seems. This book is sure to piss some people off Read More

New Website and blog!

If you haven’t seen me grumble and/or preen about it on social media, you’re lucky. I’ve spent several hours the past week trying to make this look the way I wanted it to. I was super lucky I didn’t have to do more, since the always brilliant Allyson Lindt (if you don’t know her, grab Read More

Publishing plans for the near future

Rachel Kenley wrote a brilliant post on Silken Sheets & Seduction about how to get motivated. She suggested seven quick ways, and I plan on following each of them, but thought I’d star with number five―Going Public. The idea is to hold yourself accountable to your friends by publicly committing to achieving your goals. My Read More

I’m back (and afraid to get on the scale)

Feeling well rested and relaxed. And overly well fed. Tis true; we ate too friggin’ much. I’m not sure merging our family with that of my sister’s fiancé will be good in the long run. Every time we get together we consume what can only be described as unhealthy amounts of food. Other than that, Read More

Not my best week ever

It’s actually not a good week for anyone in the Lazu household. If you wanna know why, read on but be warned: it’s more or less a pity party. Why this week has been no fun – by Sotia Lazu Last week we decided our need for a car that would fit two adults, a Read More

Drive-by flaily update

1) My home laptop is dead. We formated it, but there are also hardware issues with it, and we have to wait for the parts to arrive before it can work again. Awesome hubby decided to set up an ancient desktop computer we found lying around in our storage room for himself, and is giving Read More

Brief Update

In random order: MIL is lucky to still be alive. Cherry Stem got a wonderful review. The Kiss and Magic at Work will be only 99¢ each until Sunday, April 7th, on both Amazon and Smashwords. This blog now has two more pages, called Giveaways and Freebies and Extras. Check them out on occasion, you Read More

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