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The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Party!

It’s coming. Make sure to be there! Read More

Only a week till Brad is here.

Brad Miller thought he was being attentive to his girlfriend’s needs when he talked his best friend into having sex with her. It’s Becca’s fantasy he wants to fulfill, and that’s the only reason he’s trying to convince Colin to join the two of them on her birthday. Colin stubbornly insists it’s a bad idea. Read More

Release Day Blitz – Captive Potential by Barbara Garren

Book: Captive Potential Author: Barbara Garren Genre: Paranormal Romance Goodreads Book Link Synopsis Everything in Kelsi’s life feels more like The End, rather than the Happily-Ever-After she anticipated with her prince, Aiden Hardt. She and Aiden are fighting. Again. His daughter Bryn wakes them screaming every night. By day Bryn is bright and bubbly, but Read More

Hopes and fears‚ÄĒaka NOT a book related post

This Friday, I’m flying to London. No husband. No kid. No dogs. Just six days of girly fun, theater, running around, and lots of eating.   I’ll have a chance to unload, recharge my batteries, and take a breath from all the stress 2014 had to offer. I haven’t had a proper vacation in a Read More

Day 2 of Goodies for You

Leave a comment with your email, and I’ll send you a coupon for a FREE copy of The Kiss. Yes, everyone who comments gets a coupon! Make sure to drop by again tomorrow, for another little something! Giveaway runs for 24 hrs (until 7am EDT, March 17th) Read More

Super Psyched!

Yesterday I was invited to join the wonderful ladies of Silken Sheet and Seduction as one of their bloggers, and I’m really excited about being in such great company! If you’re not already following them (us!), make sure you do. If you like your romance and you like your spice, you’re sure to love that Read More

New year, new layout

What do you think? Is it pretty? And, most importantly, is it legible? ūüėõ Read More

My Ambitious Plan

As things are currently, I’m hoping to have¬†Office Magic¬†(or maybe¬†Magic at Work) out by Christmas.¬†For those of you not in the know, the book was finished a few years ago, but I’m currently rewriting all of it.Here’s the summary:She thought he hated her. He thought she was too good for him. Fate proved them both Read More

Two authors whose blogs you might wanna check out

I may be biased, because these two ladies are my friends, but I think their blogs and books are (will be in one of the two cases) worth checking out. First, there’s Ana Blaze. Her romantic novella, The Best Man will be coming out next spring by Entranced Publishing. Even though her first book is Read More

Back to the land of the Internet-havers

It’s a little after two in the morning here, and I’m in bed. The house is quiet, the dogs and baby are asleep, and my husband is reading next to me. I love this quiet. I wish it were longer, that I could stay up all night to enjoy it. I can’t; my eyelids are Read More

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