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September is here

I’m back at work and already missing the beach. This summer has been… different. I’ve been extremely busy writing- and editing-wise, but MyKid has been on vacation with my parents since July, so I’ve also had this weird sense of freedom. My husband and I have been acting like teenagers at home, eating junk food Read More

Decisions, decisions…

I’ve posted much of this on Facebook, but I wanted to have it all together, in one page, so I can go back and read it when I feel down and out. So this is mostly me, thinking out loud. Sort of. Yesterday I got as close to quitting this writing thing as ever. I Read More


What follows is mostly rambling and has nothing to do with books or writing, and I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about this before, but I needed to vent. Does anyone else live in this state of being constantly worried about everything? I don’t mean now, after the U.S. election, when millions of people live in Read More

Hopes and fears—aka NOT a book related post

This Friday, I’m flying to London. No husband. No kid. No dogs. Just six days of girly fun, theater, running around, and lots of eating.   I’ll have a chance to unload, recharge my batteries, and take a breath from all the stress 2014 had to offer. I haven’t had a proper vacation in a Read More

Something you may not know

I was emailing a fellow author yesterday, and found myself writing, “I’m better with forms than I’m with people.” Sad as it is, it’s true. And it’s not just forms; I love lists and spreadsheets. They’re so structured, and usually, once you figure out what you want done, there are only a few specific steps Read More

Am I weird?

Scratch that. I’m weird. I know I am. I’m just wondering if I’m weird in this specific scenario. Six days ago, I received the following—very polite—message on Goodreads, by someone I’ll call Reader: Dear Ms.Lazu I’m very interested in your books.They seem mysterious,dark and cool books and those are my favorite ones.So I would be Read More

Random Update (aka How a Lifetime Show Has Affected Me)

If you’ve seen pictures of me, you know I’m a plus sized gal. If you’ve only seen the pic I have on the sidebar, here is another I just took. Don’t judge my mad makeup skillz from this. I blame the stupid phone cam for washing colors together and adding a pinkish hue. Also, I’m Read More

I felt like posting something

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to post about though, so I decided to go with shoes. I bought a new pair, see, and people have been giving me all sorts of opinions without my asking. So I ask you: Like’m or Hate’m? Yes, it’s possible you need sunglasses to look at them during the Read More

Pet Peeves – 6

I decided to keep count of these, just so I can one day say, “I am annoyed by xyz number of things.” I know, my goals in life are weird. Anyway, I thought number 6 merited a post of its own, because it recently made me rant to anyone who’d listen. 6) People who return Read More

Pet Peeves–Guess who’s got a million of them!

If you know me well, you’ve probably realized I’m not the most easy going person in the world. If you don’t know me that well yet, you’re gonna find out sooner or later, so why should I try to hide it? All sorts of things bug me, annoy me, or piss me off, and I Read More