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Magic at Work for #ScintillatingSunday #NSFW

His breath was warm against her skin, his touch soft when he caressed her cheek, his cock rock-solid against her ass. She needed to feel him naked on top of her. Inside her. Now. The book had taken care of foreplay, and she was ready for him. She writhed under him, but he only feathered Read More

It’s a wrap, and it’s not a romance #CherryBlossom

Last night a miracle happened. I actually finished Cherry Blossom. Yes, I wrote the words “The End” months ago, but 16,000 words have been added since. The story was complete before, but now it’s whole. This book scared me every step of the way. I kept worrying people will hate it; find the character development Read More

Very NOT Worksafe Teaser

As I’ve said before, among the million things that have been keeping me busy, I’ve been editing an erotic novella I’d previously published under my old pen-name. It’s dirty, bad, and all sorts of wrong, with not-so-nice people having hot sex and ignoring the consequences that might have on those who love them. That said, Read More

Exotic Beast – sneak peek

This is yet another new project (and I’m also working on Cherry Blossom these days–in-laws’ visiting has kick-started my muse…) If you’ve read/are reading Magic at Work, you may get a kick out of it. NOTE: This blog is Adults-Only. Keep that in mind when reading anything I post. Exotic Beast by Xopi ChilliChapter One Read More

New Project

This spilled from my fingertips this morning, and suddenly I have a whole new story idea–something in the Magic at Work-verse. “Really? Her?” Colin cocked his head to the right and narrowed his eyes at the young woman across the street. Nope, even from this angle she looked a little too round for his tastes. Read More

Meet Lexi/Xandra

This is another bit that got chopped off in the editing of Magic at Work (which is now complete, by the way, and will be out by March 15th). Meet Lexi, through the eyes of her best friend in the whole world–this scene takes place before the book starts. Angie was still fighting off the Read More

Meet Richard/Rex

I’ve been editing my upcoming novel, Magic at Work, and taking out bits and pieces that I’ve loved writing but aren’t necessary for the plot or contribute to a tight narrative. This is one of those pieces. It was meant to a part be our first glimpse into the hero’s psyche, and even though I Read More

A li’l something for you

This is the first chapter of something I’ve been (re)writing for the past few months, while also working on Cherry Blossom. It’s just the setup of the story. There may be a couple more chapters coming though, if I feel guilty enough for not being around more. Hehe. It may seem familiar to some of Read More