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I’m back (and afraid to get on the scale)

Feeling well rested and relaxed. And overly well fed. Tis true; we ate too friggin’ much. I’m not sure merging our family with that of my sister’s fiancé will be good in the long run. Every time we get together we consume what can only be described as unhealthy amounts of food. Other than that, Read More

Just a quickie (not so much)

When I don’t write, edit, or spend time with my family, I cook–to my husband’s and next door neighbor’s delight. When inspiration strikes, I bake. I was feeling mighty inspired last night, and so decided to make my take on savory monkey bread. Found this awesome dough recipe on-line, and it was really easy to Read More

Random Update (aka How a Lifetime Show Has Affected Me)

If you’ve seen pictures of me, you know I’m a plus sized gal. If you’ve only seen the pic I have on the sidebar, here is another I just took. Don’t judge my mad makeup skillz from this. I blame the stupid phone cam for washing colors together and adding a pinkish hue. Also, I’m Read More

There go my summer plans…

See that? It’s my left arm. In a cast. In July. You’d think in my thirty four years on this earth, I’d have learned how to walk on flat surfaces. You’d be wrong! On Saturday, I was walking on our summer house’s porch, both legs slipped from under me, and I reached out to break Read More

Not my best week ever

It’s actually not a good week for anyone in the Lazu household. If you wanna know why, read on but be warned: it’s more or less a pity party. Why this week has been no fun – by Sotia Lazu Last week we decided our need for a car that would fit two adults, a Read More

Back to the Land of Internet-Havers

I had a lovely, family-filled mini vacay for the Greek Orthodox Easter, and now I’m back, batteries mostly filled. My laptop is completely dead–not My Love’s doing; hardware stuff–and my sister is engaged, and I’m having all sorts of thing happening, so it’ll take a couple days (aka a week in Sotia time) for me Read More

I just want my bloody tea!

My mother and father in-law are visiting. Little One is getting christened this weekend, and they’re staying for another two-three weeks after that. In general, they’re wonderful people, and I love them. There’s only one point of tension in our relationship: MIL is a nutritionist, and I’m overweight…and doing next to nothing to change that. Read More

Pet Peeves – 6

I decided to keep count of these, just so I can one day say, “I am annoyed by xyz number of things.” I know, my goals in life are weird. Anyway, I thought number 6 merited a post of its own, because it recently made me rant to anyone who’d listen. 6) People who return Read More

Pet Peeves–Guess who’s got a million of them!

If you know me well, you’ve probably realized I’m not the most easy going person in the world. If you don’t know me that well yet, you’re gonna find out sooner or later, so why should I try to hide it? All sorts of things bug me, annoy me, or piss me off, and I Read More

You think you can fool me?

My sister is closing her business. It was a beauty parlour, so she’s selling certain stuff, such as two bathtubs and some slimming/toneing devices. We’ve put up adds on-line and in a newspaper, and I’ve given my email address because she’s always on the move. This morning I receive five emails from jeffsandra01@gmail.com saying, “Merry Read More

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