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September is here

I’m back at work and already missing the beach. This summer has been… different. I’ve been extremely busy writing- and editing-wise, but MyKid has been on vacation with my parents since July, so I’ve also had this weird sense of freedom. My husband and I have been acting like teenagers at home, eating junk food Read More

Things are getting done!

Under is complete now, and still EXCLUSIVELY available to my NL readers. Want a chapter every few week? Sign up here! Also, the first draft of TITANS, Book 2 – A Maid for the Titan is complete, and I love it. I hope you do too! Why is Book 2 ready before Book 1, you ask? Read More

I lost my first two kilos! And I have a sneak peek for you (of my PNR novella, not my weight loss!)

Yes, I got weighed on Monday, and it’s paying off. I’m 2 kilos down. Just another ton to go. Heh.

I had a cheat meal yesterday evening (my nutritionist knew and had approved), and it was incredible meatballs and the best chicken salad sandwiches I’ve ever had. It should tide me over for the next couple weeks of dieting. Except for this Saturday, when we’re throwing a party for my kid’s 6th birthday, and I’m allowed to eat one plate of whatever.

And now that’s out of the way, let’s talk Under! Did you like the cover and blurb? I’m pondering making this story available to my NL subscribers, chapter by chapter, until the rest of the series is ready and I publish it properly. But for now, I have a teaser for ya. It’s the first chapter, unedited and not very safe for work, though nothing explicit—yet.

Enjoy! Read More

I’ve been quiet like a mouse

Well, not really, but I haven’t been around much, and it’s not all due to writing.   The day job has been hectic, since the current situation in Greece has made us look for options in exports, and that’s meant major redesign of our products, along with all the paperwork that magically can only be Read More

Move to WordPress

Just wanted to let you know that I’m moving all material except for blog updates here. You’ll soon be able to also access it via sotialazu.com. The blog will keep being updated (as regularly as usual, at least. Heh.) OH! And now on, you’ll be able to contact me at author@sotialazu.com! I’m feeling very bouncy Read More

General update

My armI’ve now been cast free for three weeks, but my wrist still hurts. Badly. It’s regained almost all of its flexibility, but yesterday I noticed fresh bruising around the wrist, and I somehow doubt that bodes well. Still, I refuse to go see the doctor. For my arm, at least. I have to see Read More

Back to the Land of Internet-Havers

I had a lovely, family-filled mini vacay for the Greek Orthodox Easter, and now I’m back, batteries mostly filled. My laptop is completely dead–not My Love’s doing; hardware stuff–and my sister is engaged, and I’m having all sorts of thing happening, so it’ll take a couple days (aka a week in Sotia time) for me Read More

How’s your 2013 so far?

I hope it’s kicking 2012’s ass! Mine’s going rather well so far. Not to jinx anything, but my sales of The Kiss within two weeks are already two thirds of the sales Cherry Stem made in a year. Let alone the fact that there were about 1200 downloads worldwide in the two days it was Read More