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Not new—not yet—but revamped and going wide! Magic at Work and One Last Night have new covers that show they’re part of the same series. Aren’t they pretty? Also, they’re no longer solely available on the ‘Zon! You can find them at B&N, iBooks, Kobo, and most places you’d expect to find a naughty eBook. Read More

Audible Excitement (see what I did there? *snort*)

Super exciting news! Magic at Work will soon be available in audio-book format. In fact, it’s headed to retailers as you read this. HOW EXCITING IS THAT? I’m so friggin’ happy about this development. Magic at Work is special to me, and Lexi’s spunk and Ric’s sarcasm in the audio version sound just like their Read More

Win a signed paperback of Magic at Work

Goodreads Book Giveaway Magic at Work by Sotia Lazu Giveaway ends October 31, 2015. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway Read More

Magic at Work is now out—and a giveaway!

After months of being re-edited and reworked into the best it could be, Magic at Work is again available for sale. I love this story, because writing it brought all sorts of amazing people into my life—including my husband. Scroll down for the giveaway! She thought he hated her. He thought she was too good Read More

Magic at Work for #ScintillatingSunday #NSFW

His breath was warm against her skin, his touch soft when he caressed her cheek, his cock rock-solid against her ass. She needed to feel him naked on top of her. Inside her. Now. The book had taken care of foreplay, and she was ready for him. She writhed under him, but he only feathered Read More

New look, new book(s)

What started a nit-picking my blog width resulted to a new design for my entire website. Like it? I do. I’m all for re-doing things these days. I went over Magic at Work, which I unpublished a while ago to send to a publisher. I was supposed to edit a few things, but ended up Read More

Broom Closet Revisited (yes, it’s more smut…)

If you haven’t read Magic at Work, this could be considered a SPOILER. Two years after their first time in the broom closet, Lexi and Ric are out to create new memories. ADULTS ONLY image from 123rf.com Read More

Magic at Work e-Book and Swag Giveaway

But not on this blog… This weekend, make sure to visit Riverina Romantics for a chance at an e-copy of Magic at Work, and/or one of these bookmarks:   More specifically,  Saturday, May 18th: Book Spotlight/International Giveaway of 3 digital copies. Sunday, May 19th: Sunday Swag/International giveaway of 10 2-sided bookmarks. Hope to see you Read More

Drive-by flaily update

1) My home laptop is dead. We formated it, but there are also hardware issues with it, and we have to wait for the parts to arrive before it can work again. Awesome hubby decided to set up an ancient desktop computer we found lying around in our storage room for himself, and is giving Read More

Exotic Beast – sneak peek

This is yet another new project (and I’m also working on Cherry Blossom these days–in-laws’ visiting has kick-started my muse…) If you’ve read/are reading Magic at Work, you may get a kick out of it. NOTE: This blog is Adults-Only. Keep that in mind when reading anything I post. Exotic Beast by Xopi ChilliChapter One Read More

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