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Almost there now…

It’s what I’ve been saying since last weekend—I’m only one chapter and an epilogue away from finishing A Maid for the Titan. And in four days, I haven’t had the time to write them *cries* The past month, I’ve changed a lot about my schedule. I made writing a priority, and wrote almost daily, but Read More

I’ve been a bad girl

I haven’t been around much, and my posts have mostly been book spotlights, but it’s because I’ve been writing, and editing, and making covers and changes that I hope you’ll love! Cherry Stem has (another) new cover and a new home. She’s coming back on October 14th with Acelette Press. Here’s the cover: And Cherry Read More

Very NOT Worksafe Teaser

As I’ve said before, among the million things that have been keeping me busy, I’ve been editing an erotic novella I’d previously published under my old pen-name. It’s dirty, bad, and all sorts of wrong, with not-so-nice people having hot sex and ignoring the consequences that might have on those who love them. That said, Read More

Drive-by flaily update

1) My home laptop is dead. We formated it, but there are also hardware issues with it, and we have to wait for the parts to arrive before it can work again. Awesome hubby decided to set up an ancient desktop computer we found lying around in our storage room for himself, and is giving Read More

Magic at Work – Some people I’d like to thank

Remember when I said it was done? It’s been back and forth between me and Sofia Grey twice since then. This time, I’m almost confident it won’t need more edits (see that “almost?” Yeah, it’s there for a reason.) Even if it does, I’m determined to try my best to stick with the March 12th Read More

Meet Lexi/Xandra

This is another bit that got chopped off in the editing of Magic at Work (which is now complete, by the way, and will be out by March 15th). Meet Lexi, through the eyes of her best friend in the whole world–this scene takes place before the book starts. Angie was still fighting off the Read More

Meet Richard/Rex

I’ve been editing my upcoming novel, Magic at Work, and taking out bits and pieces that I’ve loved writing but aren’t necessary for the plot or contribute to a tight narrative. This is one of those pieces. It was meant to a part be our first glimpse into the hero’s psyche, and even though I Read More

Cherry Stem News

The contract has been signed, and Cherry Stem is getting published.  I wanna bounce, but can’t, because the fetus won’t appreciate being shaken, not stirred. Ha! I have my funny on! So, the last two days at work have been extremely slow, not because I don’t have what to do, but because I’ve been waiting Read More