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Almost there now…

It’s what I’ve been saying since last weekend—I’m only one chapter and an epilogue away from finishing A Maid for the Titan. And in four days, I haven’t had the time to write them *cries* The past month, I’ve changed a lot about my schedule. I made writing a priority, and wrote almost daily, but Read More

Away for Easter

My family has been invited to my sister’s fiance’s family’s village for Easter weekend. That means I’ll be out of town, frolicking in green fields and showing my kid what nature looks like from tomorrow to Monday. A post or two are set to auto-post during that time (don’t forget to check Silken Sheets and Read More

Away for a few days

Tomorrow’s my father’s 60th birthday. To celebrate it, the entire family and lots of friends are going to gather at my folks’ summer place for a huge ass barbecue. Since Tuesday is a big holiday in Greece, I decided to also take Monday off and spend a total of four days at said summer place. Read More

Just a quickie (not so much)

When I don’t write, edit, or spend time with my family, I cook–to my husband’s and next door neighbor’s delight. When inspiration strikes, I bake. I was feeling mighty inspired last night, and so decided to make my take on savory monkey bread. Found this awesome dough recipe on-line, and it was really easy to Read More

Vacay time!

I’ll be away from the 07th to the 25th of June.  A couple of entries are set to auto-post here in my absence, but I’ll more or less have no internet access. Have fun, and remember to fall in love with a book this June! Image copyright © Jocic | Dreamstime.com Read More