Month: April 2013

So very excited to be posting this!

I’ve talked to you about how I love Ana’s writing before, so you must get why I’m SUPER EXCITED to be making this post today! Hope the world at last recognizes your talent and falls in love with it, Ana. Happy book birthday!   The Best Man by Ana Blaze is available NOW! Blurb Beth Read More

I’ve got some good news for you

Torn is Now Available for Sale! Click on the image or here to go to its Amazon page! Blurb Torn is the second book in the Beneath the Shadows of Evil Trilogy. Amid the grandeurs of her husband’s castle, the once wild gypsy Alliana struggles against those who would trap her in the gilded cage. Tormented, abused, and toyed with, Read More

Cherry Stem paperback giveaway!

Are you a member of Goodreads? If so, this is your chance to win one of two FREE paperback copies of Cherry Stem! The giveaway is international. Go ahead, click on it. You know you wanna! .goodreadsGiveawayWidget { color: #555; font-family: georgia, serif; font-weight: normal; text-align: left; font-size: 14px; font-style: normal; background: white; } .goodreadsGiveawayWidget Read More

Drive-by flaily update

1) My home laptop is dead. We formated it, but there are also hardware issues with it, and we have to wait for the parts to arrive before it can work again. Awesome hubby decided to set up an ancient desktop computer we found lying around in our storage room for himself, and is giving Read More

Cherry Stem paperback

It’s coming out this week. Keep an eye out for the giveaway(s)! And this is its new cover. You like? Read More

Exotic Beast – sneak peek

This is yet another new project (and I’m also working on Cherry Blossom these days–in-laws’ visiting has kick-started my muse…) If you’ve read/are reading Magic at Work, you may get a kick out of it. NOTE: This blog is Adults-Only. Keep that in mind when reading anything I post. Exotic Beast by Xopi ChilliChapter One Read More

Brief Update

In random order: MIL is lucky to still be alive. Cherry Stem got a wonderful review. The Kiss and Magic at Work will be only 99¢ each until Sunday, April 7th, on both Amazon and Smashwords. This blog now has two more pages, called Giveaways and Freebies and Extras. Check them out on occasion, you Read More

New Project

This spilled from my fingertips this morning, and suddenly I have a whole new story idea–something in the Magic at Work-verse. “Really? Her?” Colin cocked his head to the right and narrowed his eyes at the young woman across the street. Nope, even from this angle she looked a little too round for his tastes. Read More

If you’re a writer, this definitely concerns you.

If you’re not, I’d appreciate if you read it anyway. I’ve ranted before about the Amazon Kindle e-Book Return Policy. People get to return e-Books a full week after purchacing them, no questions asked. I’ve already spotted a pirated copy of my latest book, but even if those who return our works don’t share them, Read More